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A New Challenge?

Who do you want acting as your representative in relation to a potential employer?

Professional Approach:

Exclusive mandates: The mandates are exclusive, to assure a professional approach.

More than just a job description: Each position is presented with a written brief on the organization, the context in which the search is taking place, the current situation, the client’s expectations, the desired profile and the conditions. So you have everything you need to decide whether you are interested and you know exactly what awaits you.

Confidentiality: When you are contacted, confidentiality is central to our approach.

No pointless contacts: A connection has been established? You have indicated your position expectations? When you are contacted, the call will be relevant and meaningful.

Less Risk of Wasting Time: Few candidates are submitted for a position, but the ones that are proposed are qualified. This means that there is much less likelihood that your time will be wasted.

Coaching: Coaching throughout the recruitment process and negotiation of the offer. Post-hire follow-up.

I am your representative and agent: A professional written presentation is provided to the client along with your CV. Since the presentation has been prepared by PHD Consulting, the employer knows exactly who you are and the situation that has led you to look for a new position.