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Montréa, QC - H3B 2K4,


Firm in Montréal


To search for and select executives, managers and professionals who specialize in information technologies and information technologies sales while providing a positive recruitment experience for both the client and the human being behind the resume.


Professionalism and Integrity: To offer solid added value and provide the bestpossible service. Having satisfied clients and candidates is the best way to grow business.

Listening to People: For the candidate, changing jobs involves a certain amount of stress and it is best to be accompanied in that process by someone who knows the ropes, and has the candidate’s best interests at heart. For the client, the aim is to develop a relationship based on mutual trust and excellent results.

Long-Term View: We never lose sight of the long-term view. Too often, people look only to near-term results without thinking about how that affects values, the mission and relations with clients and candidates.



For more than 30 years: Founded in 1988, PHD Consulting offers its services to members of the computer and business community in Quebec who are looking for senior and mid-level managers, specialized professionals and high-calibre computer sales representatives. PHD Consulting always strives to do it better by offering you outstanding professional and personalized service.

CRHA: Member of the Quebec Order of Human Resource Consultants (Ordre des Conseillers en ressources humaines du Québec).

Knowledge of the IndustryPierre H. Delisle’s many years of experience in the field have led to great familiarity with local market dynamics, and an excellent network of personal contacts in Eastern Canada. PHD Consulting has an excellent reputation that has been built over time.

Greater EffectivenessPierre H. Delisle does not recruit from his clients: This is the only restriction. As a sole recruiter, there are no restrictions on recruiting from potential organizations belonging to colleagues. Therefore, the market remains wide open to approach experienced candidates. This makes him more effective in fulfilling tough mandates.